Best Fiji Island for: budget travellers. However, many divers enjoy diving at this time of the year. At its centre is the magnificent dive site E6, which is consistently rated as one of the best in Fiji. As for beginners, November to March is the best time to learn to surf in Fiji. One reason guests return time and again to seek new adventures aboard Tui Tai is our incredible Fiji snorkeling experience. You’ll dive in the clearest waters you can imagine, with dramatic underwater topography, stunning biodiversity and a dizzying array of creatures both great and small. First, you need to get away from the main island, Viti Levu and go to an outer island for good snorkeling. Among the most famous Fiji dive sites are the Great White Wall, the Yellow Tunnel, and my personal favorite Orgasm Reef. With just a little variation between seasons, the water is warm and clear all year round. When you head on an island escape, you probably have some interest in snorkelling. Located in South Pacific, the snorkeling in Fiji offers over twenty awesome snorkel dive spots. Fiji has great waves and lovely warm water. If you're coming from North America, you should try to set out between late April to early June, or late July through August, due to decreased fares … Snorkels for beginners should be easy to use and durable. Cruisin Fiji is locally owned and operated. Fiji has a number of labels, from ‘The Soft Coral Capital of the World’ to ‘The Best Shark Diving Location in the World.’ With such titles, it’s easy to call Fiji a world class dive … Best Time for Sightseeing : There are 2 very important factors in deciding when to travel. There is never a bad time to travel to Fiji for a holiday, with sultry temperatures, gorgeous resorts, aquamarine ocean, golden sands and adventurous activities spread across its 333 tropical islands year round.. I have only been to Fiji 4 times so am not an expert but will share what I know. Split Rock. While most of Fiji’s surf breaks are on reefs, there are a few beaches and surf resorts where you can learn or hone your skills. Best Time for Saving Money: Avoid the peak seasons (July, August, December, and January), when increased demand means increased hotel rates, and sometimes, booked-out flights and boats. Honestly, is there ever a bad time to visit paradise? In Taveuni, snorkel the legendary Rainbow Reef, known as the "soft coral capital of the world." Snorkeling amongst squid, octopi, and green or hawksbill turtles. This allows you time for ferry travel to and from Mantaray Island Resort and a couple of days when you could take a trip to swim with the mantas. No matter when you’re planning to visit Fiji, you can guarantee warm weather at any time of year in this tropical oasis. Located just off the beach in front of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort, Split Rock is considered the best snorkeling spot in Savusavu Bay, according to Frommer's. The best time to go to Fiji is whenever you have the chance. Overall, the best time to visit Fiji is from late October to early November when the cost of getting and staying here has not yet reached its peak. These months fall within the country’s dry season and generally outside of Australian school holidays, meaning that visitors are able to enjoy good weather without the crowds. Assuming that money, time, and transport are no object, here’s a list of the top four from Meg Austin, a travel professional who has snorkeled all over the world and specializes in dive trips. On the edge of the Bligh Water, the Vatu-i-Ra Channel is best accessed on a liveaboard dive boat. Experienced surfers might want to keep a close eye on surf forecasts for the best breaks – or leave it up to surf guides in Fiji’s surf resorts who will know the best places. There are roughly two seasons – summer and ‘winter’. For the best chance of swimming with the manta rays, it’s recommended that you stay at least four nights. When is the best time to go to Fiji for snorkeling. Best Beginners Snorkels.