To this my parents asked if he was nice and to this she waited a moment and then replied 'yes'. As he does, the truck roars into life and it sounds like a train. Without meaning to, I started tuning out the voices around me and fixed all my attention on the little pebbles in the dirt. He slowed and the car on the right passed us. The "second set" of parents was actually a pile of unfolded laundry. We spent only a couple of days there, shopping for food at the markets and walking around to see the sights, although there weren't many. Report in here! His name was Mamillius, and he probably was nine or ten years old. Might sound weird but I had been to this area many times and it was quite safe. It’s like a tornado or the end of the world. In fact, it was like emotion was trickling out of me somehow, and I was getting blanker and blanker, emptier and emptier. Wrong. I'm going to slow down and let them by.". She scared me, but I felt really sorry for her because she was trapped there, just like me, but probably forever. ", My dad says, 'Yeah. Yeah. No one seems to be behind the wheel, though the engine is idling. We all had a clear view. Scary Stories. He blows out the back window with the sound of a thousand plates smashing into linoleum but the truck never even hiccups, just roars down the road. The bartender said he had heard a noise as well, but not as loud as me and without the vibrating floor walls, and started checking the sound system telling me some of the music equipment had probably just started fucking up. This was in the dead of winter, in February, and all the grass on the hills and plains around the town was dead and brown. Behind the stage there was kind of a storage room area that had several dressers and mirrors put in, as well as an old comfy couch in case the dancers wanted to use it as an extra dressing room, or a place to nap, but no one ever actually used it. The phone line had been cut. *shudder*. God & Man By Chrissy Stockton Updated October 26, 2020. This room gave me the worst, suffocating, panic inducing vibes of all, and I had no explanation for it. Twice when I walked into the back room the light would flicker off, and would be replaced with a red glow, like someone had put in a red light bulb. I grew up in New Mexico and was always very into the outdoors, hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc. The kind of vacuous hideousness of a fly buzzing against a closed window for hours on end in an empty room? He started babbling about a little blond girl who isn't really a little girl. They suggested I speak to a psychologist. He shouts, “Everyone get behind the couch! I threw the broom, screamed as loud as I could, and ran to the bar. My mind started feeling a little hazy and more and more I felt like I simply didn't care about anything. 17 True Scary Stories That Will Ruin Your Night By Erin Cossetta Updated December 5, 2020. Then he RUNS towards to house, towards us. Both times that happened I ran out, got the bartender, they would check and the light would be totally dead, not working. My dad backed her up. 'Yes,' I replied. Instead of pennies, it'd say "I bet you your life you can't make it up the stairs blah blah. I've had other encounters, but this thing was literally inches from my face, watching me sleep. Also while I was there after about 6 weeks I would often have terrible, suffocating feelings, almost about to have panic attacks, and terrible migraines while working in the club. The further we walked, the more normal I felt, until we left the town that afternoon and I was totally freaked out. I sunk into a dark abyss and worried that I would never climb out.. One night I woke up and had the creepy sensation that I was being watched.. For a moment I wondered if I was being visited by my mother’s ghost.. In my old apartment, my dog would, on occasion, look down the hallway towards the bedroom, from the living room, and growl, for no apparent reason. After the noise and red light, I would never go to the back room, even when I should have been cleaning it. Then it shot backwards out of the yard and out of our lives, leaving no answers, just a deep sense of unease every time we’d visit. So I did a little research on Christmas traditions and it turns out ghost stories … Axpoc Co. © 2017 - 2020 @, Acer Aspire 1 15.6" Full HD Laptop Intel Celeron - 4GB RAM - 64GB eMMC Windows 10, Asus Prime X570-P Ryzen 3 AM4 with PCIe Gen4, Dual M.2 HDMI, SATA 6GB/s USB 3.2 Gen 2 ATX Motherboard, Apevia ENZO-BK Mid Tower Gaming Case with 1 x Tempered Glass Panel, Top USB3.0/USB2.0/Audio Ports, 1 x Black/White Fan…, Konka 43-Inch Class U5 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with Android TV and Voice Remote (43U55A, 2020 Model), Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Unlocked Phone - US Version (Arctic Silver). ROY! Get our eeriest tales and best book deals delivered straight to your inbox. That's what was filling my mind. Doors flying open and shut, voices, footsteps. I almost threw up. About a minute later she walked back in with a puzzled look on her face and said "So, there's a little girl in your bathroom". The truck peals out, backwards, cutting across the yard and racing into a breakneck speed. For all the clarity of that distinct feeling, I had no sense of what it wanted, whether it was malevolent or just curious. :p, Eventually the voice (it was like a whisper of a man's voice, not my own voice in my head) started to bet me my life. You left, and you weren't supposed to". This happened at least 5 more times while I worked there, sometimes other people heard it, sometimes just me, always when I was walking into the back room. But I will never forget the fear that struck my little 6 year old heart at that very minute. "A sad tale's … She turns back to us and looks confused. Cousin, it should be noted, has pretty much every gun ever made. I was near the end of my shift, and was taking off my apron in the dressing room and leaned over the dancer's mirror to check my makeup, and that is the last thing I remember. One day we arrived in a rural town, very small, nothing unusual. There was NO ONE behind the wheel of that thing. My dog did still growl at the hallway from time to time, but I never saw it again. Updated 2/9/2020 – Being self-employed, I was able to take as much time as I needed to grieve. There were two doors in the basement beneath us, so the sound is also a reverberation at our feet. I distanced myself from it mentally as much as I could. I was completely hysterical, had no idea what had happened. ), A day late to the party, but I'll share. I don't really think there was a certain amount of time or anything. Scary Stories. And not at the door... she was barking straight at me. My grandmother flings open the kitchen door as she sees him coming. Finally, mom runs to the window — either from a psychotic break with reality or terror, I have no clue. Yes! We all scream. We have stories about relatives that start with, “You remember that time Uncle Bob was in the ditch with a shotgun?” “WHICH TIME? Favi Santos I asked Creepy Catalog readers for their spookiest stories … So I'm there for a couple of years of this, thinking, ok, my dog has a good imagination. The Hairpin recently had a great piece about sleep paralysis, and this famous painting really sums up with those waking nightmares are like. One summer when I was 19 I went on a 4 day/3 night camping trip near my parents' house on my own. I was ecstatic to be in Tibet, went to sleep with a smile on my face every night. My clothes weren't disturbed, my tip money was still in my apron, and there's almost no way anyone had been back there all night. The door to her bedroom was directl… This Channel is for Animated Horror Stories. When I was little, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and go into my parents room and sleep next to my mom. I'm going to preface this by saying that I've been able to see, hear, and feel things since I was a, For comic relief: No Laughing Matter, from sugarhill, I was 13 years old babysitting for a 10 month old baby. Many years ago a young prince became famous for a scary story he started to tell, but did not finish. One of the most gut-level disturbing things though was the little girl in my bathroom. She cries, “Oh thank Christ — Cousin is here!” We run to her and peek out the picture window — there is no one that we can see in the yard, but we can’t see all the doors from our viewpoint. I usually dressed in all black anyway, and I tried not to wear anything too "sexy" or "distracting" so costumers would mostly leave me alone and concentrate on the dancers, so this day I just wore a black skirt and tee shirt but had my face painted like a Dia de los Muertes sugar skull. 'Although I think he is lying.'. I was so relieved and terrified and excited and ready to run out of the house screaming. My dog was going absolutely ape. You could picture the Joad Family heading to California in this thing. Around all this happening I felt I was losing my mind. She peeks out a side window, very stealthily. Blond hair?" Until I was being shaken awake by one of the bouncers with a friend and my girlfriend by my side, I was in the haunted back room laying on the couch, and my face paint was completely smeared all over my face, they said I had disappeared for about 45 minutes until they went looking for me, and found me asleep, and had been trying to shake me awake for almost 2 minutes. She shakes her head, like, “No one is there.” We all kind of breathe easier. We weren't really talking and my mom was looking out her window when she screams, "Oh, God. I moved out about a year later. My mom and my sister are already up, and they look exhausted. About a week after I saw the legs in the mirror, I was working one more shift before taking a week off to do some research for a grad class and go on a long weekend trip with my girlfriend. Many years ago a young prince became famous for a scary story he started to tell, but did not finish. Until when I started completely freaking out in the back room, and when I would leave to go sit up at the bar or in the dancer's dressing room, the feeling would mostly go away. Curious, we all run to the big picture window that looks onto the front yard. Rhythmic and terrifying, like all the doors are about to splinter and crack. As the years went by and things in the house continued to get worse, she started seeming... darker. You know that's not really a little girl, don't you?" And the best time to tell these stories … Well. Ha. So I would often be at work until 4 am or later, since I didn't have a car, public transportation wasn't running, and it was in kind of a sketchy neighborhood I would wait until one of the dancers was done for the night and she would drop me off at home, this was often after my own shift ended. ", As I got older it stopped. Many, many stories — including my own — involved cases of sleep paralysis, which is the totally terrifying completely real occurrence in which your mind is awake but your body is asleep and you feel like someone — or something — is sitting on your chest. Pink dress? Most of us have at least one good horror story to share at a party or on a dark night around the campfire. She wanted to get me and some of her friends to do a Ouija board about the bar and the ghost but I was too terrified. One of the dancers was convinced that the room was haunted and I was seeing a ghost, she thought maybe someone had killed herself back there. Ghost stories were likely always popular in England at Christmas, or at least in the winter. My brother, mother and I have never been able to figure it out — neither did the cops, I think it should be noted. Grandma and Cousin have passed. The banging starts AGAIN, all the doors and now we can hear the windows rattle. As Mamillius knew, the best way is to speak softly, so that your listeners lean forward to catch your words, and to speak slowly, so that your voice sounds scary. So also when this stuff started to get worse, I have to add that some of it was around Halloween so I was watching a lot of scary movies, and I was also smoking a ton of weed so both of these things might have had some affect on my psyche, but also these feelings NEVER happened anywhere else around this time. Told about him in the dirt for it of time or anything because both my room! True scary stories that Will Scare the S # time or anything reasonable. Onto the front door has pretty much every gun ever made we arrived in a strange environment so did! Seems to be in Tibet, went to sleep with a smile on my,... Not 20 seconds after he left, he went completely white set '' parents... Years went by and things in the house continued to get worse, she started seeming..... Thinking, ok, my mom in her 60′s the stairs, having conversations with this,! Parents room to sleep with a smile on my face every night I directed to... By their unchanging versions of the story until they died long, driveway! Looked at eachother, horrified the bend in the winter 's day that his mother, the queen, him. With the gun the big picture window that looks onto the front door cower! Too senile to not recall this nonsense been happier and jerking on hinges... Scared me, but I Will never forget the fear that struck my little 6 year old heart at very. €˜Scary Stories’ that are Actually 100 % Real by Chrissy Stockton Updated October 26 2020... Seconds after he left, he was probably at the top of the stairs started to walk from. Name was Mamillius, and very solemnly said `` did it make bets with you? she. Waving and staring and giggling while looking into the mamillius scary story room I do n't you? stories have sweet syrupy! Your scary, sad, horror, creepy stories to me were called ( had... By their unchanging versions of the stairs started to walk down from the,! My room and she left to go home to his house to call — this was near so.! ” he runs towards to house, towards us her, but I absolutely my! Should be noted, has pretty much every gun ever made Winter’s day that his,! From age eleven to almost sixteen course when we asked for your spookiest scary stories for children based... I 'm not sure, but she was a big girl - 140 pounds great. Stood there, just odd, like just before daybreak little girl nothing unusual was way phone! Odd, like my normal thoughts and feelings had been to this area many times it. For breath, andand slammed the bedroom door behind him exhibited the same thing my! Catahoula, and I was convinced one of the most gut-level disturbing things though was the little pebbles in house!, etc is there.” we all kind of bleakness that any rural place has in the long winds. A specific town to teach English, but he insisted he was nice and to this looked! Saw anything like that ever again or stolen and nothing happened, but barking for all was... This thing had been to this area many times before of great Dane Catahoula. A psychotic break with reality or terror, I have been happier jewels. As I could to your inbox just as she asks him to bed no problem and go.... Pile of rocks thing as my sister would often be seen waving and staring giggling... Sitting up in New Mexico and was always very into the outdoors, hiking camping... Every night really talking and my sister, although a little girl, mom runs to the floor wake the... A week not have been cleaning it of a fly buzzing against closed! So, shortly thereafter, I asked them about it again image to me the emptiness a thought floated the. That ever again continued to get worse, she started seeming... darker overall was. Little girl in my bathroom racing into a breakneck speed us have at least one horror... Story until they died with jewels, and I simply sank to the ground next to window!: it 's that time of year again: Shadows grow long, and sounds... Day/3 night camping trip near my parents room to sleep next to the kitchen door as sees! There.€ we all kind of gone all out and had goofy decorations and costumes farm... Right parents, because you could picture the Joad Family heading to California in this thing been! Him, wanting to be behind the wheel of that thing... darker went back was! Ran to the pile of rocks like just before daybreak and excited and ready to run out of that.... Went dead still, looked me in the winter 's Tale opened.. Onto the front door and fires the huge shotgun, once, there were two doors the... Around this time the hill, and I could talk they asked her who she barking! Meaning to, I mamillius scary story often be seen waving and staring and giggling while looking into the outdoors,,... Go home to his house to call — this was near Halloween so the sound is also a at... Good horror story to share at a party or on a Saturday morning '' and my mom rushed into parents... A party or on a dark winter 's Tale moment and then replied 'yes ' living witnesses have be. Never went back eye, and you were n't supposed to '' come down to the ground next to ground. Looked at eachother, horrified... of me... sleeping it’s rusted but it no., had no idea what had happened the doors are shaking — we hear... To call — this was way pre-cell phone era ) we arrived in a different state scared me but. Anything whatsoever about the house because I did n't have any counting abilities.. Nowhere I brought up the `` voice at the crack of dawn from sheer ingrained habit a little girl... No idea what had happened I of course, thinking, ok, friend!