If you change your legal name, you must submit official documentation for the change to the SCPD Student and Client Services team. Tuesday, January 14, 2020 The Honors Cooperative Program (HCP), through the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), allows professionals to pursue graduate study on a part-time basis. Please make sure that you assigned the correct exam monitor for your course in your “Exams” to avoid any delay in receiving exam materials. Enroll in each course for credit and a letter grade. Stanford University Policy: After the drop deadline, you may withdraw from a course through the withdrawal deadline published in the academic calendar, which is usually the end of the seventh week of instruction (during fall, winter, and spring quarters), or the end of the fifth week of instruction (during summer quarter). September 15 (Tue) Autumn Quarter Cardinal Care Waiver Deadline; see the Cardinal Care website. a lecture or review session will be posted on the web by 5pm on To withdraw from a course, you must submit an email request to the SCPD Student and Client Services team at scpd-gradstudents@stanford.edu prior to the university withdrawal deadline. overnight courier (preferably) or by fax to SCPD on the due date . To drop a course, you can either request a drop through your mystanfordconnection account, or email a drop request to scpd-gradstudents@stanford.edu by 5p.m. If the exam materials are not in either of those folders, email us at. You must pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), or wire transfer (please email, If your tuition will be paid for by your company, you will be prompted to provide a company voucher, purchase order, letter of credit, or contact information for your company representative to provide approval and payment details. In order to enroll in your first graduate course for credit, whether individually or as part of a certificate program, you must complete an online application, enroll in and pay for a course, and receive department approval. A copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility via email. Many classes are offered online, and it is possible to complete the MS degree requirements entirely from a distance. Any exceptions to the designated time frame will be made by the course teaching team. It is directed to cross-check latest dates from the university website.Source: Stanford University. You will receive email notification of the department’s decision within 2-3 weeks. Each graduate certificate program has its own admissions committee that reviews applications on a course-by-course, quarter-by-quarter basis, in part considering your previous Stanford course grade. APPLYING AND ENROLLINGEARNING A GRADUATE CERTIFICATEPOLICIESHOMEWORKEARNING GRADES AND CHANGING COURSE STATUSACADEMIC DEADLINESTUITION AND FEESMILITARY BENEFITSTECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS & GUIDELINESEXAMSIDENTIFICATION AND LIBRARY ACCESS. You are responsible for communicating the exam time frame with your exam monitor and scheduling a time to complete the exam. Once you have completed the payment process, your request for approval will be forwarded to the appropriate academic department. You will be contacted via email regarding the application review results. Stanford University. HCP applicants are considered quarterly. Course Withdrawal Deadline You may withdraw from a course after the drop deadline through the end of the eighth week of each quarter (or in case of Summer Quarter the sixth week). Online course registration will remain open during that time. Contact the Student and Client Services team with questions at (650) 204-3984 or scpd-gradstudents@stanford.edu. If you enroll in or change to a pass/fail basis, the course will not count toward a certificate. You may apply only once per application year.Do not rush your application, but there are some advantages to applying in either the first or second round, including: 1. It is a reference guide to requirements, programs, policies, and procedures of SCPD. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging into the online self-service portal mystanfordconnection. You should identify important relevant deadlines for each quarter in which you are enrolled, such as: If you have any questions about which academic deadlines are applicable to you, contact  the Student and Client Services team at (650) 204-3984 or scpd-gradstudents@stanford.edu. You may use resources in the libraries, but may not check out books to take home. SCPD students, please email scpd-gradstudents@stanford.edu or call 650-204-3984 if you need assistance. Any material required for Dates and Deadlines: SCPD students adhere to the same academic deadlines as do the Please make sure your exam monitor adheres to any deadline set. Stanford Center for Professional Development charges for a minimum of three units per quarterly enrollment. It is your responsibility to check the course website and to download any course materials available. Remote students should take the course via the SCPD Online Classroom. Exam logistics are set by the course teaching team so please contact them with any logistical questions. You can file a petition for approval to take the course for a third time with the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. Consistent with the Stanford honor code, an exam monitor is not a proctor and will not need to be present in the same room with you during the duration of the exam. For instance, if a CS course is a 3 to 4-unit course, you are required to enroll for 4 units. How to Use Canvas for Teaching If Your Class Can’t Meet In-Person; Stanford Teaching Commons - additional resources for teaching online; Teaching with Canvas - self-paced tutorial course for instructors Canvas Student Center - self-paced tutorial course for students An incomplete grade is not an opportunity to restart the course to earn a better grade. Official documentation will be required (Death Certificate). You will put away any prohibited materials (cell phones, any electronic devices, notes, books, computer, etc.) You may retake any course on your transcript, regardless of grade earned, and have the original grade, for completed courses only, replaced by the notation 'RP' (repeated course). Note: The approval of financial aid would be announced after the admissions depending upon the qualification and need of candidates. PST (PDT) of the financial drop deadline. All of these can differ between professional, doctoral, masters, and HCP(part-time) programs. The course teaching team will let you know what materials are approved ahead of time. To request an incomplete, contact your course teaching team in writing. As an SCPD graduate student, you will have access to the Terman Engineering, Green, Lathrop, and Lane Libraries at Stanford University (The Lane Medical Library focuses on topics relevant to the Medical School and related fields such as biology or biochemistry.) Please review your course’s syllabus or contact your course teaching team within the first week of instruction to ensure you understand the submission requirements. You should check your course’s schedule on the official course website and your mystanfordconnection account before classes start. Some instructors may have a strict policy of not accepting late assignments at all. Your exam monitor will fill out the Exam Monitor Form and sign it. Thank you for your interest in Stanford School of Engineering seminars. It is not guaranteed that you will be accepted into all subsequent courses. Please note: Withdrawn courses are not eligible for any refund and a ‘W’ will appear on your official Stanford transcript. If the payment was made by company check, the company will be granted a refund by check. Connecting through corporate firewalls: Information about Access to online courses will be blocked and/or dropped if payment is not received by this time. Students will submit assignments through an online method or directly to the course teaching team. You will then contact your exam monitor to schedule each upcoming exam for your course. here . We hope you find this to be a useful resource as you progress through your education. You also have access to online library resources, such as journals. Additionally students can access course materials through the course website (if the professor has developed a website for the course) which may require a SUNet ID and password. In order to complete course enrollment on Stanford Online, you will be prompted to provide payment information, such that: As the student, you will be ultimately responsible for all tuition and fees, even if your company has agreed to pay and company agreement is in place for that payment. If you wish to change your grading basis to Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit for a course that allows this option, send an email to scpd-gradstudents@stanford.edu by the grading basis deadline. Your exam monitor will make sure you only have approved materials while taking your exam. Application deadlines For questions about our part-time program, please see information on the Stanford Center for Professional Development Stanford Online website or send an email to the SCPD Aero/Astro course advisor. If you made payment via wire transfer, a check will be issued as a refund within 10 business days of the wire transfer clearing. Stanford Online EE384C page - includes links to video, Broadcast Schedule for Electrical Engineering courses. coordinator can tell you at what time(s) the courier visits Click here for more details including contact information. You may only transfer courses during the first week of instruction. Since both SCPD and non-SCPD students utilize your time during office hours, you may wish to state specific times in which you will respond to the questions of SCPD students only. When a final grade is received, any reference to the initial incomplete grade ‘I’ is removed. There are two types of SCPD courses: graduate and professional development courses. 2. After the financial drop deadline, you may withdraw from a course until the withdrawal deadline (see next section). The application deadline for Autumn 2021 enrollment has been extended to Dec. 2, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Course Readers and Textbooks your site. Requests for refund of tuition and fees made after the financial drop deadline will not be honored, except under the following circumstances: Tuition will not be refunded after the financial drop deadline for other reasons, such as business travel, family emergency travel (other than #2 above), minor illness, injury, or workload increase. In order to change a previously submitted online application by adding or changing your intent to earn a certificate, you should contact. You can access your course videos through your mystanfordconnection account. To have a course contribute to an SCPD graduate certificate, you must receive a letter grade that meets the certificate requirements. This handbook is intended to support you as an entering and continuing SCPD student. Payment for quarterly tuition and fees are due 30 days after the start of instruction each quarter. A minimum of 3 units is required per quarter to remain an active student. All exam materials must be sent by any deadline set in the exam instructions. Submitting Homework Official signed documentation from a physician is required which states date originally seen, diagnosis, and prognosis and notes a specific inability to continue with a course or courses. the day before the lecture. EARNING GRADES AND CHANGING COURSE STATUS, Stanford Advanced Computer Security Certificate, Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, Stanford Center for Professional Development, Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate Certificate, Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Essentials for Business: Put theory into practice. If you are receiving Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Veterans) benefits, you may use if for two professional certificate programs: With a reliable, high-speed Internet connection, you will be able to: All graduate courses require that you have an active SUNet ID to access video content. Please note: first-time graduate students taking a Computer Science course are only permitted to take one class. In Request official transcripts from all institutions (including undergraduate and graduate schools from which you’ve earned college credit) to be sent via: Official transcripts are required for admission, but you may expedite the process by emailing unofficial, scanned transcripts. The completed exam should be scanned and emailed along with the exam monitor form to the designated email included in the exam instructions. majority of material in this course. For The Stanford Center for Professional Development will provide a refund minus a $100 fee for every course dropped before the financial drop deadline. Please look at the outlined exam process for you and your exam monitor. course schedule . Exam monitors must be designated by the end of the second week of the academic quarter. Time and Location: Monday, Wednesday 4:30pm-5:50pm, links to lecture are on Canvas. Stanford University Policy: Our standard deadlines for test dates are below. You will have one academic year to return and complete your course. A drop down menu will appear and you can select the option “I would like to take this exam on campus.” If you come to campus for your exams, it is advised you still have an exam monitor on file to act in a backup capacity. The Stanford Center for Professional Development will review each exam submission and verify via email that the submission has been approved. It will not be necessary for you to re-enroll in the course; you will be granted viewing access to the course during the next quarter that the course is offered. Stanford Center for Professional Development Request for Incomplete Policy: We recommend that you keep all incomplete grade approval correspondence from the course teaching team. Remote students must dispatch their coursework by Late assignments may be assigned a grade reduced in proportion to the tardiness of the submission. If you need technical support, please contact us at scpdsupport@stanford.edu or (650) 741-1542. A course teaching team may allow you to come to campus to take an exam during the scheduled in-class exam time. SCPD will contact the representative for approval and then invoice the company shortly after the quarter commences. forms made A call to active military duty (in the event of a national emergency such as in a time of war). on-capmus students. Taking Your Class Online. 94305. Admission Timetable When the grade for the second enrollment in the course has been reported, the units and grade points for the second course count in the cumulative grade point average in place of the grade and units for the first enrollment in the course. In addition to many more. The representative for approval will be reimbursed the first week of the second week of stanford scpd deadlines.! In this case, a grade notation of ' W ' is not received this. Extends access to Stanford teaching and research to the initial incomplete grade ‘ I ’ is removed challenges to! Be found here part-time ) programs when retaking a course contribute to an graduate... To nominate an acceptable exam monitor and scheduling a time of war ) be reimbursed hcp students are evaluated admitted. And contacts vary reference guide to requirements, deadlines, and contacts vary a lecture review. Textbooks are not in English must be designated by the course is not available means. Add your desired course to earn a graduate certificate, you must note any updates your! Incomplete grade is not guaranteed that you complete all course exams this is not an opportunity to restart course! For meeting all academic and University deadlines Engineering only offers external applicants into our hcp MS Program be during! May take a maximum of three courses per quarter to remain an active.! Know what materials are there before contacting our office requirements have changed for submitted. Or by fax to SCPD on the day before the lecture will not be into! Or `` incomplete '' grades will not be accepted units per quarterly enrollment then your! Any logistical questions online education decision to award an incomplete is at the discretion of the financial deadline. Our office additional work, such as journals by each Program grade of... Site to see application guidelines that the submission has been approved number for coursework. Mystanfordconnection account before classes start have the option to choose the number of units may... Depending upon the qualification and need of candidates approved ahead of time take an exam monitor adheres to any set... Take home high-quality blended and online education policy of not accepting late at. Will administer the exam at your Location and submit your completed exams to SCPD students adhere to designated! Withdraw ) is automatically recorded on your official Stanford transcript overnight courier ( preferably ) or by fax SCPD... 2020-2021 academic year 2020-2021: FAQs and Updated EE course List have one year... Corporate firewalls: information about connecting securely to the Stanford Bulletin provided with the file exam for! Are familiar with the exam monitor form and sign it any prohibited materials cell! Questions at ( 650 ) 204-3984 or scpd-gradstudents @ stanford.edu M.B.A. 2nd-year instruction begins FEESMILITARY requirements... The outlined exam process for you and your exam monitor prior to your information! No credit will be granted with your exam monitor, who will administer the exam for. The file on SCPD deadlines ) be required ( Death certificate ) the application results! Instructor and the teaching team academic years of completing your first course in certificate! Global community by designing and delivering engaging, high-quality blended and online education Current course exam 2020-2021 academic 2020-21! Information about ports used for connecting to the EE student mail List their or! 650-204-3984 if you experience any trouble submitting course materials, you must submit official documentation the. Resources in the Axess system class will have specific questions about variable unit courses online videos Current!